In-Distress Finishes


Aged finishes have been in demand for several years now but, as with everything here at Anderson Guitarworks, we wanted to wait until we could do them just right. That time has come and we are pleased to offer the worn-in look with zero compromises to flawless performance
We call them "In-Distress" finishes. 
Available in three levels:
  • In-Distress Level 1: Aged and Checking Paint
  • In-Distress Level 2: Aged and Checking Paint with some Rub-Through
  • In-Distress Level 3: More Extreme Aging and Checking Paint and Rub-Through
In-Distress "nitro" finishes are available on select guitar models in a wide array of vintage colors and include aged hardware and appointments.  Please see Spec Your Guitar to explore the options in depth!