In Remembrance of Laurie McCutcheon Berg


Laurie McCutcheon Berg, dear friend, colleague, and long-time business partner of Tom Anderson, passed away on September 23, 2017. 
Laurie’s contribution to the success of Tom Anderson Guitarworks cannot be overvalued. For someone whose role was to handle the “business” side of the company, she was never influenced by the numbers—she always believed that a good idea was worth pursuing. For Laurie, anything was possible, and she worked to make it so. 
We here at Tom Anderson Guitarworks will miss Laurie in so many ways but especially as a friend with whom we shared a long history of “let’s make this company a loving place that we want to come to every day.” 
As news of Laurie’s illness and passing made its way through our network of dealers, vendors, and customers, we were moved to hear so many stories of how people were touched by Laurie’s friendship. Whether a store owner, rock star, vendor, or just someone who loves our guitars, the stories of her kindness and infectious laughter were always the same. To many, customers and vendors are merely business acquaintances, but to Laurie they were family. 
So today we share the joy of her life and the sorrow of her passing with you, our extended family. 
Thank you for your friendship and good wishes,
Tom Anderson and Crew