Live from NAMM: Day Four


Sunday, our last day here at the NAMM show. We're all a bit tired, but the days go by quick when you're surrounded by good friends and good guitars...


Speaking of good friends, here's Teddy - making a funny face of guitar delight. He owns Make'n Music in Chicago, IL. He ordered both the Cobra S (left) in the very popular Satin Atlantic Storm, as well as the Drop Top (right) in Cajun Red Reverse Surf.  


Many consider Cobra S to be the most formidable Anderson to exist in "S" form.  It's Mahogany superstructure and shorter 24 3/4 scale length give it impressive and unparalleled midrange prowess.   This one (left) in Satin Atlantic Storm, easily focuses its powerband and demonstrates its versatility through our PH1 pickup at the neck and full voice HC2 humbucker in the bridge position.
The Drop Top (right) is loaded with SC1 neck and middle pickups, and a hot H3 in the bridge.  SCs sing with a lush and vibrant, hum-free, vintage vibe that makes easy and sweet work of your single coil duties.  H3, our original super screamin' humbucker, sings as a super-powered humbucker but still possesses tremendous amounts of gorgeous soul.


And because we know you wanted a closer look - Cajun Red Reverse Surf. Nice choice Teddy!
That's it for now, but keep checking back in What's New and Guitar Tales. We'll have more from the show to show you later!