We offer hundreds of colors and finish options:


Our gorgeous paint jobs are done using a revolutionary ultraviolet light curing process that was pioneered here at Anderson Guitarworks. This allows the instrument's full tonal potential to be unimpeded while still showing off with show stopping beauty. And how does this happen?

Paint is meticulously applied: a proprietary ultraviolet light process that always yields an ultra thin and breathable finish so the instrument's resonance is never impaired but always imparted.All our finishes are as breathable and as resonant (or more so) than the best of the best of the legendary nitro cellous lacquer finishes, without the intrinsic drying problems of lacquer.

Proof of this can be heard in the vibrance of the instrument.  One strum unplugged tells the whole story: loud, rich, full and ringing. Nothing rings out like an Anderson Guitar, plugged or unplugged.


An article from Southern California Edison magazine about our environmentally friendly paint process: