Uncover the secrets of our HC pickup line and what is revealed is the HF-Series—essentially uncovered HCs. Uncovering bestows just a touch of soft, super-musical articulation that is never, ever intrusive—another dimension added. Mild to medium to hot output, HFs sing with a wonderful vintage-flavored voice, depicted by focused midrange energy and enlightened by extremely musical upper-mids and seasoned with sweet, soft and soothing highs.
HF 1-: A humbucker that can still deliver flash when a moment of single coil covering is necessary—while still retaining the ability to create throaty and full neck humbucker tones—just no bloat. A very nice match with the vintage-level HF1+ in the bridge position.
HF 1: To match and swap stories with the HF2 in the bridge position, this is the pickup. Not too hot and not too cold but just the perfect balance for throaty neck humbucker tones that can speak expressively. 
HF 1+: Vintage-level output and signature, with a voice of mid-centered, sweet perfection, surrounded by soft, articulate upper-mids and highs. 
HF 2: Rivaling the H2+ as out most popular foil for bridge position humbucker assignments, this sweet pickup offers medium-hot output with firmly established vintage roots—muscular mids with an easy overlay of lush and soft highlights—super musical for your listening and playing pleasure. 
HF 3: Extra saturation with creamy and more forceful output while still staying true to the vintage roots that the HF2 lays out. 
HF 3+:  Even a touch more sock than HF3 and yet still able to go from classic to extreme—never loosing the musical majesty. You can cover almost any style with this pickup locked and loaded.