A classic looker and a very fat, powerful and concentrated mid-range tone.


Cobra T Special in Black

In guitar jargon the word “special” denotes an all mahogany body, so yes, you guessed it, Cobra T Special is a Cobra that features an all mahogany body (no maple top on the body).  It speaks with a huge, rich mid focused voice.
As with Cobras of all varieties, feature a 24 3/4-inch scale length and mahogany based construction to further accentuate its mid focus might.
Cobra T Special can be equipped as you desire, with any of our humbucking pickups or our wonderful soapbar style pickups.
The shorter 24 3/4-inch string-length in combination with its all mahogany body means that when you include the aforementioned pickups, you have the most beautiful sounding and structurally stable guitar of this type found anywhere.


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