Cobra S Special


In an all out playing situations, Cobra S Special hangs onto you like a well refined Anderson "S" should.

Cobra S Special in Natural Mahogany Back

The unique attributes that make the Cobra S Special so special are:
  • Svelte Anderson S style body.
  • Shorter 24 3/4-inch scale length.
  • An all mahogany body is the matrix for focused and prevailing midrange tones that run the show. All mahogany body means fat and full with smooth definition.
Laid into this foundation, any of our full sized humbuckers will sing with an authoritative voice and split down (single coil like tone) to an unparalleled parallel tone as well. 
Load PQ series coils into this very special Cobra S Special and the soapbar pickup world is yours so clean up.  
And if that was not enough to make you never stop smiling while you play, imagine all of the aforementioned sonic advantages performing peerlessly, in tune, with all overtones resonating in sympathetic consensus, harmoniously lush chord voices.  This means unprecedented musical sweetness.