Anderson TV: Episode 13



In this fun video edition of Guitar Tales we are going to let the Angel do most of the talking—in the hands of Jason Kui.

Audio, video and still photos all shot in the Anderson Guitarworks Studio.

Fun fact is that it was actually guitar player extraordinaire, Sean Ashe, who recorded and shot the video while we crawled along the floor throughout the performance, like stealthy special forces operatives, shooting the stills.

Jason simply plugged his Angel straight into the the face of a Mesa/Boogie JP 2-C and launched into his original composition, Morning Breeze.

For full specs of Jason’s Angel, check out Guitar Tales.


Anderson TV: Episode 10


Who's that with the well-appointed Candy Apple Red Raven? None other than Tim Pierce, the legendary session guitarist with way more credits than we could list. He's also an incredible teacher, and here he takes us through his part from Michael Jackson's "Black or White", and talks about the backstory of the song's development.
Check out more from Tim, and his Anderson guitars, on his Youtube channel and his website.

Anderson TV: Episode 8


Time for a throwback of excellence: Dawayne Bailey of Bob Seger and Chicago fame, live at the Budokan Arena in 1993. Playing an early Classic model, he brings his own interpretation of the guitar solo to the famed Budokan in this uniquely stunning performance. A real musician and all-around virtuoso, we're honored to call Dawayne an Anderson Artist, and a friend. See the Dawayne Bailey Fan Page for more.

Anderson TV: Episode 7


In the previous episode of Anderson TV, the amazing Joan Armatrading showed us that her Crowdster was capable of quite a bit more than just lush acoustic-electric goodness - with a soulful, scorching slide guitar performance.
And here's even more evidence, from our friend S-Rock (vocalist/guitarist of White Ribbon Band). He turns up the gain and gets some great heavy tones, courtesy of Crowdster's mahogany construction and LR Baggs/Anderson-EQed piezo system.
Check out S-Rock's YouTube Channel for more videos, including some nice sound samples and reviews of his Crowdster and Crowdster Plus 2.

Anderson TV: Episode 6


Perhaps you thought our Crowdster model was mostly for achieving lush acoustic guitar tones, without the pitfalls of troublesome feedback and compromised tonality?
Well, yes, but it's also capable of so much more - as the amazing Joan Armatrading shows us here.
And that's just the original Crowdster model! We also offer it in several pickup configurations, as well as the more minimalist Player model. 
With Crowdster there is no compromise, just pure playing pleasure.
*Now available with the original 6-on-a-side headstock, or a more traditional 3+3.

Anderson TV: Episode 4


Our friend Chris Johnson made this great unboxing video of his new Guardian Angel Player. Now you can enjoy the virtual experience of receiving an Anderson guitar! If you want to skip to a certain section:
00:00 Intro/ Backstory
02:33 Box Opening
08:58 First Thoughts
14:18 Guitar Playing
Chris can be found at: and heard at: