Longtime standard for hum-canceling, S-size single coils, SAs speak with a dynamic voice characterized by full bodied low mids &
clear, dynamic high.
SA 1: Vintage level, single coil sound, hum-canceling (great for neck and middle application).
SA 1R: Vintage level, single coil sound, hum-canceling, reverse wound.
SA 2: Hot single coil-sound, hum-canceling (great for hotter neck and middle application).
SA 2R: Hot single coil-sound, hum-canceling, reverse wound.
SA 2+: Hotter single coil-sound, hum-canceling (bridge application to balance w SA1s).
SA 2+R:  Hotter single coil-sound, hum-canceling, reverse wound.
Note: This pickup requires a cavity depth of 7/8" (23mm) due to it's taller size. Be aware that you may need to deepen your pickup cavity when installing this pickup in a guitar from another manufacturer. It will fit all Anderson Guitarworks guitars.
SA Pickup Model

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