The Very Best Thing About Hanging Out With This Much Musical Talent at the NAMM Show…

NAMM Players 1.jpg

Is that they are all really great people.

Think about it, when someone you know meets a super-famous person what is the first thing you (or almost anyone) will ask?

“What were they like? Were they nice?”

So, we can unequivocally say, Yes, these guys are all super-nice.

These are the artists that performed each day at the Anderson booth. The audience could not help but be impressed. It was a spectacular experience.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of these astounding artists that cared enough to shared their time and talent with us.

From left to right we have:

• Mike Campese - Grand Am, Translucent Red

• Funtwo (Oscar Lim) - Pro Am-shorty, Satin Inca Silver

• Cody Davis - Drop Top 7, Honey Shaded Edge

• Chris Johnson - Guardian Angel Player, Olympic White

• Sean Ashe - Guardian Angel, Satin Ginger Burst

• Victor Lee - Angel, Ginger Burst

• Jason Kui - Angel, Satin Super Natural Black Burst

• Théo Hoarau - not pictured but stay tuned and you will meet him