Billy Meets Bob


It happened at the NAMM Show. Billy spied Bob from across the Anderson booth. Startled and secretly thrilled, Billy tried to make it look as though he was just nonchalantly wandering in that general direction, but within a few steps he was into a full-out sprint to meet and greet Bob.

After all who could blame him? It was his first time to see an Anderson, Bobcat in person.

Billy Campbell is the superlative guitarist who plays with the dynamic country duo, Locash and has been featured in Anderson Guitar Tales before with his beloved Guardian Angel slung over his shoulder.

And because he loves his Angel so much the obvious realization hit him like a bolt from above:

“With Bobcat I could have a single-cut guitar that plays as profoundly well as my Guardian—and be astoundingly in-tune, ridiculously resonant and musically multifaceted.”

Oh my gosh!

Like an Angelic gift, a Bobcat appeared right before his eyes in Natural Mocha Burst, offering him more magical musical opportunities.

Life is good and the gifts—when we need them—are abundant. So now the only question that remains is what color will Billy get for his very own Bob, traditional burst or wild and dramatic? We will keep you posted