Careless Tim


The legend…the one-and-only, Tim Pierce stopped by our NAMM Booth to hang out.

Always love having him over. And since we know what question you really wanted to ask next: Yes, he is a very nice guy. Fun.

He spied this brand new Icon painted Olympic White and as he was picking it up he dinged it—apparently several times—over and over and over.

Tim, how could you?!

You can see the devastation; paint almost falling off of it, scratched and dinged everywhere. Looks like he had played it for over 40 years. How could Tim, such a nice guy, be so careless with our Icon?

We wondered the very same thing—and then we remembered:

Hey…wait a second…

This Anderson Icon is In-Distress. Tim didn’t actually ding it at all. Oops, ha…we did.

What that means is that this Icon has our In-Distress paint finishing process to make it look super cool and realistically worn and played in.

We have 3 In-Distress levels of paint processing from which you may choose:

• In-Distress Level 1: Aged and Checking Paint

• In-Distress Level 2: Aged and Checking Paint and some Rub-Through

• In-Distress Level 3: More Extreme Aging and Checking Paint and Rub-Through

And now on this Icon we go even further into Level 3 with:

In Distress Level 3-Double Decker—two colors painted atop one another with Level 3 Distressing.

In Tim’s hands we have Olympic White over Tobacco Burst.

So apparently Tim is not careless after all. He is just a great guy. And it is Anderson Guitarworks who is guilty of being carefully and precisely careless—on purpose—for your performance and visual playing pleasures to be fully realized.

To enjoy Tim even more please check out his YouTube video about the Grammy Awards: