Day 3: Guitar 4, “Top T, Honey Shaded Edge”


NAMM 2019 - Party at the Anderson Guitarworks Booth

Day 3: Guitar 4, “Top T, Honey Shaded Edge”

Everyone loves Koa and seems to be moved by its allure.

Crowning this Top T is our Figured Koa top highlighted with a finish of Honey Shaded Edge—so it is Natural Koa with a slight contrast of Transparent Honey on the perimeter of the body—gorgeous.

Top T, by its very nature, does not have pickguard styling—no pickguard, all-wood top. Its cousin, the just previously seen Top T Classic, does have pickguard styling for those that love more vintage flavors.

But what this Top T does have is an option borrowed from the Top T Classic that is unique and new. Can you spot it?

Top T now has the option of a T-plate for the switching controls. Very nice. Have a closer look.

After the Show: Top T, Honey Shaded Edge headed to Cosmo Music, Ontario Canada.