Day 3: Guitar 2, “Bobcat, Lemon Drop”


NAMM 2019 - Party at the Anderson Guitarworks Booth

Day 3: Guitar 2, “Bobcat, Lemon Drop”

And when you need your single-cut to have a wonderful vintage look…look no further than Bobcat in Lemon Drop.

Still silly in-tune stability and resonance with unparalleled Anderson playability.

This Bobcat is solid and yet not heavy—but just the right weight for a solid single-cut that you want to play all night long without fatigue.

And its tone is…superb…no, beyond superb—a focused and aggressive midrange substance that is interlaced with ultra-rich dynamics that grant gorgeous musical tonalities. So what does this mean? A lush sounding guitar with monstrously aggressive mids.

After the Show: Bobcat, Lemon Drop headed to Distinctive Guitar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.