Day 3: Guitar 1, “Bobcat, Natural Mocha Burst”


NAMM 2019 - Party at the Anderson Guitarworks Booth

Day 3: Guitar 1, “Bobcat, Natural Mocha Burst”


Well no, not exactly. We call it Bobcat. An Anderson single-cut with unparalleled Anderson performance—a super good thing.

This Bobcat is dressed up all fancy and ready to gig out in a Natural Mocha Burst finish—bringing its Carved Flame Maple Top to life.

And its in-tune stability is not to be believed—until you touch it—then you will not only believe but know…Bobcat—such an utter joy to play.

Big 3-Way Toggle on the upper horn controls the twin humbucker pickup configuration but with Push/Pull switches on each tone control, 8 sonic combinations are easily brought forth so you do not have to lay down this guitar when musical styles change throughout the evening.

And if that wasn’t enough, this Bobcat has a secret…lean close and we will whisper it:

This Bobcat is…hollow. That is correct, hollow chambers hidden beneath the surface makes our already lightweight Bobcat, even lighter—and adds a touch of “air” to the tone—if you are listening closely.

Bobcat fact: No single cut is better!

After the Show: Bobcat, Natural Mocha Burst headed to Sound Pure in Durham, North Carolina .