Day 2: Guitar 2, “Raven, Shell Pink - In-Distress Level 2”


NAMM 2019 - Party at the Anderson Guitarworks Booth

Day 2: Guitar 2, “Raven, Shell Pink - In-Distress Level 2”

Remember what we have been saying?

“Root Beer is…”

No wait, that is not what we have been saying at all…

We have been saying:

“Pink is the new Black,” and here it is again. Shell Pink - In Distress Level 2 adorning this Raven’s offset goodness.

How can you beat this if you want to make a dynamic statement and still stay true to vintage vibes and hues?

Raven Classic in Shell Pink sounds so good that you may want to mike and record it before you ever plug in. Really fantastic matrix of tonalities before you ever get to the pickups or the amp.

But then…speaking of pickups:

Cream covers sequester PQ1 and PQ3, hum-free coils with massive Soapbar-style, single coil tone, while the Big 3-Way Toggle and 2 mini cut switches offer 8 unique tonal flavors—for everything, and more, that you will desire.

After the Show: Raven Classic, Shell Pink - In-Distress Level 2 headed to Mass Street Music in Lawrence Kansas.