Day 1: Guitar 4, “Cobra S, Fire Wipeout”


NAMM 2019 - Party at the Anderson Guitarworks Booth

Day 1: Guitar 4, “Cobra S, Fire Wipeout”

We have long said: if you want to rule the Earth with a guitar—which is a very noble endeavor if you are doing it with music and sharing—Cobra is the way.

Cobra S now appearing in Fire Wipeout—yes, another new Wipeout color. Again, look deep into its depths—feel free to zoom in—all the way.

Cobra is the original Ande guitar family to sport:

•  Shorter, 24 3/4-inch scale length

•  Mahogany backed body

•  Mahogany-backed neck

This fusion delivers effortless aggression and because it is an Anderson it is also super musical with ridiculously in-tune tonalities that sustain for “days.”

Oh…so fun to Play!!!

After the Show: Cobra S, Fire Wipeout headed to Northwest Guitars in Bellevue, Washington.