Within the sanctuary of a sleek and smooth cover beats the heart of a vintage lion. Mild to medium to hot output, HCs sing with a wonderful vintage flavored voice, depicted by focused midrange energy and enlightened by extremely musical upper-mids and seasoned with sweet, soft and soothing highs.
HC 1-: A sweet and clear neck humbucker. Throaty and full neck humbucker tones we all love without being overly bloated. A nice match with the vintage level HC1+ in the bridge position.
HC 1: More neck humbucker saturation, output and smoothness than HC1- while still retaining equilibrium for the neck position perfection. The quintessential mate for the medium-hot HC2 in the bridge position.
HC 1+: Vintage level output and signature, with a voice of mid-centered perfection, surrounded by soft, articulate upper-mids and highs.
HC 2: Our other most popular humbucker, perhaps. Who wouldn’t love a medium-hot output package with all the vintage flavor firmly in place, wound to create a full bouquet of tonalities. Muscular mids with a smattering of lush and soft highlights so it is impressively musical, with never a hint of that “oops, I accidentally sat on a duck,” tone. Beautiful from all tonal angles.
HC 3: The HC Series solution to hot output, with vintage character still nicely intact. Just pushes the front of the amp a touch more or when a bit more musical muscle is needed.
HC 3+:  Surprisingly musical and sweet but will roar when required. We have been very pleased, getting classic rock to shred tones.
HC Pickup Model

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