The time honored Anderson humbucker series. A complete line of broadband (full frequency response) humbuckers, characterized by ample amounts of lows and highs while still having plenty of midrange power, never squashed or narrow but always big, full and robust. Due to their construction, these pickups also split amazingly well.
H 1-: The perfect neck pickup to balance with the H2+ or H2 at the bridge, full, throaty neck humbucker tones that are never bloated, open, clear and rich, splits really well. 
H 1: Same as the H1- above but with a little more output and fullness for additional oomph. Perfect balance for an H3 bridge pickup or those that want more neck fullness. 
H 1+: Same layout as the H1- and H1 but with even a little more mids and lows for bigger neck tones. Occasionally this pickup can even find its way into the bridge position.
H 2: Medium hot and nicely balanced for mid power supported by clarity and thump.
H 2+: Perhaps our most popular bridge humbucker. Not too hot, not too cold but just right with a big low end. Full mids without giving up all the highs and lows.
H 3: Thicker, fuller and hotter than the H2+, this is where musical legato begins. Makes the picking hand feel completely fluid while still presenting more than just midrange-only tone.
H 3+: A step up from the H3 with a touch more gain and low end power.
H Pickup Model

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