September 23, 2019


This Zoo Has A Dirty Little Secret

Uncaged and ready to fly.

What zoo?

The Music Zoo in Farmingdale, New York, on Long Island, that’s who’s zoo.

A rare bird resides, In-Distress, finished in Translucent Dirty Blonde—a Raven to be exact. The very first one in captivity—for now anyway.

Such a phenomenal guitar that it will radically change your musical life—for the better—that is absolutely for sure.

It’s lightweight Swamp Ash body imparts vibrance and life to every chord and every note you choose to utter.

The fastest and most effortless playing neck in the music industry—where 5 fret bends and gargantuan chords resound, wonderfully in tune.

Other Offset guitars only wish they could be this.

It’s dominatingly classy looks are presented In-Distress, (properly aged) and finished in what we deem Translucent Dirty Blonde—a translucent Blonde finish where the dark Swamp Ash grain dynamically shows its woody character beneath the painted surface—while aged to perfection.

The result is a no-compromise Offset Guitar—nimble, lightweight and beautifully balanced—that will take you to new heights when you take it out to play. And no, we are not exaggerating…not even slightly.

Okay…who wants to go to the zoo and play with the Dirty Blonde, Raven?

I do, I do!!!