October 14, 2019


Isn’t October the Hallowed Halloween Month?

And aren’t Orange and Black the colors of Halloween?

And isn’t a Raven just spooky enough to be absolutely appropriate for this time of the year?

Well, Yes it is!!

And then, to have this Raven be a: Superbird…an aggressively outfitted Raven specifically designed to profess its sonic signature with monstrous midrange focus and gorgeous vibrance.  

Yes, this is Superbird—with that much power at your beck and call it is more than scary…it’s scary-spectacular in every way.

And by spectacular we mean, spectacular playing, spectacular sounding and with its all-Mahogany body finished in Satin Transparent Orange—spectacularly cool looking, as well.

And to make matters even more scary-cool, the “guys” at Danville Music, who order this guitar for their store, opted for a reverse headstock finished in Satin Black to complement the theme they had in mind. 

Raven Superbird is the guitar you want to have in your arsenal of tone for lightweight, superb playability with giant Humbucker or Soapbar tones, and so much more—whichever you choose. 

Editor’s Note, definition of a Superbird: A Raven deriving its super-powers from the combined layout of:

Shorter 24 3/4-inch scale length

Mahogany body

Mahogany neck-back 

Happy October, Happy Halloween and Happy Raven Superbird.