Removing Old Strings:
1. Loosen and remove nut clamps with Allen Wrench 
2. Push tremolo bar forward and slide a 9-volt battery wrapped with something soft such as a paper towel or cloth. 
3. Loosen strings with tuning gear. 
4. Cut strings at the headstock. 
5. Loosen string lock blocks at the bridge with the Allen Wrench. 
6. Remove the strings. 
7. Check for any broken string bits in the bridge string lock block area and remove with a small magnetic screw driver or tweezers 
8. Set fine tuning gears on back of bridge to a middle position so that they may be adjusted in both directions after restringing.
Restringing the Floyd with Split-Shaft Tuners:
1. Clamp the strings, one at a time, into the bridge string lock blocks. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.
2. Run the string through the nut, pull until there is no slack and cut the string off 3 tuning pegs longer than where the string is going. e.g. cut the 6th string off at the 3rd string tuning gear. 
3. Insert cut end of string straight down into the hole in the tuning peg located inside the slot. 
4. Bend string sideways out of slot and wind clockwise spiraling downward. Never let a wind run on top of another--always spiral downward. 
5. Do this for all strings and tune to pitch. 
6. Stretch the strings and retune until stable. 
7. Lock nut clamp. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. 
8. Use gears on back of bridge to fine tune pitch.