The Buzz Feiten designed tempered tuning system allows our guitars to play more in tune than you have ever heard before!

As we all have experienced, a guitar is not an instrument that can play perfectly in tune. When we intonate and tune a normal guitar, even when using a very accurate tuner, we find that chords, especially, don't sound very in tune. For instance, play a C chord and the 3rd might sound sharp. Play a D chord and the F# is really off. G may sound pretty good but an E chord's G# note is very off. Go up the neck and play a D shape on the 9th fret(an A chord) and it really beats. Does this sound familiar? So for the sake of illustration, let's say that a regular guitar plays about 80% in tune.

Tempered tuning is primarily a visually undetectable structural neck change in combination with slightly altered bridge intonation offsets. Chords sound much more in tune. When you listen very carefully you can hear little to no out of tune notes in chords and very little to no beating. In fact, if you don't listen extremely carefully you may think that it is perfect, however nothing is perfect and we figure if a normal guitar is approximately 80% in tune then Tempered Tuning is about 95% in tune.

Every player here at Anderson is now using Tempered Tuning and is completely convinced that it is a marked improvement. As Tom himself says, "it changed my life." It spoils you and you want every guitar you play to tune like this.

So, why not let Anderson Guitarworks and Tempered Tuning spoil your life too?